agree三种用法 agree怎么用?




vt. 同意,赞成;承认;约定,商定

vi. 同意,意见一致;约定,商定


The arrangement of this activity was very reasonable and everyone agreed with it.


I agree with the basic point of view put forward in this article.



1)agree with sb/ sth …同意某人/某人意见 或 某事适合某人

I quite agree with you


We agree with what you said.


Hard work doesn’t agree with him .


2)agree (to) sth 同意/接受别人的计划/安排… (to可以省略)

He agreed (to) the plan / the date/ our arrangement. .

3)agree on/ upon … 双方协商达成一致…

Can we agree on a right price/date ?

4)agree to do sth =agree doing sth disagree to do sth

agree sb to do sth 没有此句型

5)agreement disagreement

have disagreements in … 在某方面有分歧


1. The dampness of the forest did not agree with him physically. 他的身体不能适应森林的潮湿。

2. It remains to be seen whether her parliamentary colleagues will agree. 她的国会同僚是否同意,现在还无从知晓。

3. I think you'd agree he's a very respected columnist. 我想你得承认他是个备受尊敬的专栏作家。

4. You and I are going to have to agree to disagree then. 那你我只能各自保留不同意见了。

5. They had little choice but to agree to what he suggested. 他们别无选择,只好接受他的提议。

6. You look great, Brian. The Bahamas certainly agree with you. 你看上去气色好极了,布赖恩。巴哈马显然很适合你。

7. Britain does not agree and neither do Denmark, Portugal and Ireland. 英国不同意,丹麦、葡萄牙和爱尔兰也持反对意见。

8. At first we chatted agree-ably about his trips to London and Paris. 一开始,我们愉快地聊起他的伦敦和巴黎之行。

9. This effectively means that the government does not agree with the proposals. 这实际上就意味着政府不赞同这些提议。

10. I strongly suspect that most ordinary people would agree with me. 我坚定地认为绝大部分老百姓会赞同我的观点。

11. In his heart he knew they'd agree with his stand. 他内心明白他们会赞成他的立场。

12. What on earth had possessed her to agree to marry him? 究竟是什么让她同意嫁给他的?

13. I heartily agree with her favourable comments on Germany and France. 我十分赞同她对德国和法国的好评。

14. It is unlikely that the rebels will agree to demobilise. 叛军不太可能会同意解散武装。

15. I see your point but I'm not sure I agree with you. 我明白你的观点,但恐怕我不能苟同。

16. They agree on fundamentals, like the need for further political reform. 他们在需要深化政治改革等基本问题上意见一致。

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